Private Coaching

A writing coach is a mentor, an expert in the field who can take you under her wing and offer guidance, motivation, and tools that will empower you to be successful in your writing projects. Because I’m a working writer, too, I relate to your struggles. I can offer practical tips and advice on a variety of subjects, including:

  • productivity and time management
  • goal-setting
  • developing creativity
  • the craft of writing
  • the art of revision
  • publication
  • exploration
  • finding your purpose
  • recognizing your own gifts
  • preparing for a public reading

A large part of this service, of course, is helping you in any way I can with struggles you might experience with your current writing project.

If you think you could benefit from a private writing coach, contact me. Tell me a little about yourself, what you would like to accomplish, and what your struggles are. I can either email back, or we can set up a free, 15-minute consultation via phone, Skype, or even face-to-face if you are local to Central Washington.

If you decide my services are a good fit for you, we can schedule a one-time coaching session, or we can set up a recurring session weekly, every other week, or monthly, all depending on your needs and your schedule.

My coaching style involves a lot of listening and asking questions, so don’t be alarmed if you feel like you’re talking more than I am, especially in the beginning. It’s important for me to understand exactly what you need in order to serve you.

Rates: My private coaching rate is $60 per hour. Thirty-minute sessions are also available for $30. Contact me!

Prose Review

In a prose review, I provide in-depth feedback, via email, on any piece of prose up to twenty double-spaced pages. I will consider elements like structure, style, voice, point of view, characters, or pacing. I encourage you to give me direction on the areas in which you would like specific feedback. My comments will be embedded within your manuscript when I email it back to you. Feedback always focuses on encouraging you as a writer and making your prose as strong as it can be.

Rates: My review rates vary between $100 and $150 per submission, depending on the length and complexity of your project. Please allow 3 business days for the review. If you need a faster turnaround, expedited rates may be available. Contact me!


Do you have a finished project that is ready to send off into the world? I can be your final pair of eyes to make sure your prose is in top form. Less intensive than a review, proofreading is the final step of the editing process. It involves looking for small elements that may need attention, like misspellings, punctuation issues, capitalization errors, extra or missing words, formatting inconsistencies, or awkward grammar.

Rates: I charge $3 per page (250 words = one page) to proofread your work. Please allow 3 – 7 business days for this service, depending on the length and complexity of your project. Contact me!

Other Services

Is there a writing-related service you need that doesn’t fit one of the models described above? Please contact me! I can either customize a service just for you, or at least point you in the right direction to get what you need.